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Automatic washing machine professional manufacturers

 Jiusheng Machinery Co is is specialized in automatic washing machine R & D, production and sales as one of professional firms.

Excellent ability to create inventions

Yancheng Jiusheng Machinery Co。, focus on innovation and practice, currently achieved national certification。

Strong team strength

Yancheng Jiusheng Machinery Co., has a strong research team, and constantly improve the user needs.

Brainstorming, self-improvement

Kumori has introduced the domestic advanced equipment, to ensure product quality and safety and reliability。

Customer first, quality first

The company spirit of "science and technology for development, in good faith and cooperation" concept, with "customer first, quality first, people-oriented, realistic and innovative" policy.

Perfect after-sale system

Willing to work with industry peers Jiusheng hand in hand, ready to provide enthusiastic, quick and considerate service for you.

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Brand win the world service win the future
Into YANCHENG Jiusheng Machinery Co., Ltd.


Brief Introduction of Yancheng Jiusheng Machinery Co., Ltd

Yancheng Jiusheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is a research and development design, product development as a leader; diversified company set production and sales. Professional R & D and manufacturing a variety of automatic car washing machines, computer car washing machines, washing liquid, water treatment, vacuum cleaners and other peripheral equipment.

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Yancheng Jiusheng Machinery Co., Ltd.

Address: Wolong province Yancheng City Jiangsu East Road, Dagang Town No. 1

Cell phone: 186-5155-6868


URL: www。yc-carwasher。com

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